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End of Summer Tips to Save Money on Manhattan Air Conditioning Service

Labor Day signifies the official end of summer. However, just because the ‘summer season’ is ending, it doesn’t mean that the temperatures will automatically start to drop. In fact, it’s quite common for businesses in Manhattan to keep the AC turned on till mid-October. Because of this, it’s important to find affordable ways to keep your commercial air conditioning system in Manhattan well maintained.

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Truth in Advertising – Funny HVAC Advertising

It’s said that truth in advertising is the best way to build a good relationship with customers. And here at Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating, we like to think that we’re pretty good at delivering exactly what we promise with every commercial HVAC repair in NYC we undertake. But some people in the HVAC industry take advertising to a whole new level with some of their efforts.

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3 Tips to Keep Your Staten Island Commercial HVAC System Running Efficiently

Commercial-HVAC-Company-NYCHere is a quick question for you – when you buy new car; do you just put gas in it and go until it breaks down? Of course not – but you’d be surprised how many business owners treat their HVAC systems this way. Any major purchase should always be followed up by a service call from the dealer reminding you to stay on top of routine maintenance to ensure the system runs smooth – and this is even more important when looking to protect your commercial HVAC unit in Staten Island.

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Top Tips to Help Avoid Commercial HVAC Problems in Queens

commercial-hvac-company-queensThere is nothing worse than having to make a late night phone call to the commercial HVAC repair company in Queens. And although many people like to assign blame as to why you’re in need of HVAC emergency repair in Queens in the first place, it’s our belief that Henry Ford who said it best – “Don’t find fault – find a remedy.”

Today’s commercial HVAC systems run extremely efficient. But, there are a few simple things you can do to avoid some of the more common commercial HVAC problems that Queens business owners often experience. Read more


Why HVAC Maintenance Programs in Manhattan Save Businesses Money

commercial-hvac-maintenance-save-moneyCost Saving Facts about HVAC Maintenance Programs in Manhattan

Here is a question for you – if you were to add up all of the uncontrollable expenses your company spent last year how much would it add up to? Sadly, the answer is not very easy for many business owners to swallow. This is due to the fact that most of our uncontrollable expenses – can easily be controlled. Thus is the case with commercial HVAC maintenance programs in Manhattan – and why many business owners are beginning to see the cost-saving advantages of being proactive in regards to a major component to their business success.

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Are Commercial HVAC Maintenance Programs In NYC Worth It?

Broken-down-carA frequently asked question we receive is whether or not HVAC maintenance programs are worth the cost. In a related story, it is also often asked of mechanics if having the oil changed inside a car every 4,000-6,000 miles is important for a car that operates in temperatures below freezing half of the year. As silly as it might sound, the two comparisons are not that far off.

The reality is that it’s very important to have both programs completed on a regular interval for several reasons.

Let’s take a look at both examples of routine car maintenance vs. HVAC maintenance programs in NYC to see exactly why both are very much ‘worth it’. Read more


Freaky Friday Files – The Case of the Rattling AC Unit

Sometimes our commercial HVAC company in NYC gets some interesting phone calls from people looking for us to solve problems with their air conditioning and heating systems. Quite often when we show up to service a cooling or heating system problem, it’s a legitimate issue that just needs a little bit of TLC. But sometimes we find things that simply just can’t be explained. This is where the Freaky Friday Files comes into play.

Today’s episode – The Case of the ‘Rattling’ AC Unit

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Facts About HVAC Maintenance Estimates in Staten Island

The process of finding the right commercial HVAC Company Staten Island basically boils down to two primary concerns – time and money. It seems that more often than not business owners in Staten Island are put in the precarious position of having to quickly find a good and affordable option to complete all of their emergency HVAC repairs and routine maintenance check-ups. However, there is a better solution that can save you time and money; simply by understanding how and when to ask for a repair or maintenance estimate.

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Steps to Hiring a Honest HVAC Company in Brooklyn

It has been suggested by many that just below contacting the dentist to schedule a root canal – trying to find a dependable commercial HVAC Company in Brooklyn are among the least exciting things that a business owner can do. All kidding aside, several business owners and maintenance managers in Brooklyn struggle with this because of one simple fact – many HVAC service companies in Brooklyn are not that trustworthy.

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How to Complete Affordable HVAC Maintenance in Manhattan

As a business owner in Manhattan, you truly understand the concept of ‘bottom line’. Well, here is a bottom line fact – if you don’t keep your HVAC system properly maintained – it will break down sooner than you’d like. You depend on your heating and cooling systems to keep your doors open on the coldest days in winter and the hottest summer afternoons. As such, you’ll want to schedule commercial HVAC maintenance in Manhattan from time to time to keep your system running strong – when you need it most.

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