Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Installations

We Specialize in Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning (AC) Installations in Manhattan, New York City

Interstate air conditioning & heating is #1 when it comes to installing ductless mini split air conditioning & heating systems in New York City. Our installation department is certified to carry our installs for all the top ductless air conditioner brands out there.
In case your are wondering, a ductless mini split air conditioner (AC)  unit is pretty much central air conditioning without the ductwork. These units are extremely efficient when it comes to cooling down spaces. As you already know Manhattan apartments can be kind of small and the installation of ductwork can seem nearly impossible to install. These ductless mini split air conditioning & heating units are growing tremendously day by day.

Please see some of the benefits of installing a ductless mini split AC system:

1. The installation is extremely simple.
2. The unit is so quiet that you won’t even know that its operating. The system comes with an indoor blower & an out door condensing unit, which is designed to keep the noisy components outside.
3.  Ductless air conditioning mini split systems are extremely efficient.
4. You can cool specific areas.
5. You can have individual zoning at the push of a button.
6. Less than 5% loss of cooling as compared to the 40% loss of cooling due to leaky air ducts.
7. These units can be purchased as a heat pump.


Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps:

These days with the amazing technology out there you can purchase ductless mini split heat pumps. For those of you who don’t know what a heat pump is, a heat pump is a unit that acts as an air conditioning unit in the summer and a heater in the winter season providing heating and cooling to homes with one system. Just like an air conditioner absorbs heat from your home and move it outside so to it does the exact opposite in the winter. There is a valve in the unit that allows it to absorb heat and bring it indoors. Need information on different styles and brands? Please call an Interstate Air comfort adviser at 646-741-4060 and someone will assist you the whole way through.

Multi-Zone Capability:

These days with the amazing technology we have, we are now able to have up to 4 different indoor blowers connected to one condensing unit outside saving even more outdoor space. This multi-zone ductless mini split heat pump system lets the HVAC installers mix and match different blowers and condensing units to create the perfect air solution, customizable to almost any size space. Say goodbye to tearing down those walls when you want central air conditioning, Interstate air conditioning & heating can install a full air conditioning & heating installation using the zone capability. Interested in different styles and brands? Call us today to speak to an Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating comfort adviser 646-741-4060

Flush Mount 4 way cassettes:

Most manufacturers now carry a 4 way flush mount cassette blower that can be installed in a ceiling to prevent even seeing the blower on the wall. The ceiling cassette offers a clean look to make the unit look sleek and stylish. These units have a build in condensate pump to make condensation even easier. These units require minimal space and can be used as one of the zones that make up the milti zone system. Please call us today 646-741-4060 for more details, pictures, sizes, and brands we carry.

Ductless Air Conditioning Brands we install:

Interstate air conditioning & heating specializes in the installation of the following ductless mini split companies.

Fujitsu | Daikin | Mitsubishi | LG | Samsung | anyo
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