Heat Pump Installation in NYC

Did you know that there is a more energy efficient method to keep you comfortable year-round, infused into one single unit that depends on the natural consistent temperature of our earth’s core? This solution is a heat pump – and a primary reason why many New Yorkers actively are searching for contractors that can complete quality heat pump installation in NYC. And whether you live or work in Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn or Manhattan – Interstate Air Conditioning and Heating is the company you can trust.

For over 30 years, the team at Interstate Air Conditioning has been a leading provider in quality-driven and affordable HVAC solutions in the greater New York City area. We are a family owned and operated business that pays attention to the smallest details in every aspect of our business. And when it comes to completing heat pump installation in NYC – we’ll go above and beyond to get the job done right the first time; and always at a price you can afford.

Interstate Air Conditioning and Heating provides heat pump installation solutions in the following areas including but not limited to:

  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island

What is a Heat Pump?

In true definition, a heat pump is called a ‘mechanical-compression cycle refrigeration system’ that can either heat or cool a controlled space. There are two parts to this type of eco-friendly comfort system:

  • The indoor system which is called the handler
  • The outside unit that is very similar to a central air system – but it’s actually called the heat pump.

How does a Heat Pump in NYC work?

The best way to describe how a heat pump works is to think of this type of comfort system as a heat transporter – which continually moves warm air from one location to another. In summer, it removes warm air from your building to keep your building set at a comfortable temperature you desire. During the winter, it removes the cold air from your home and accomplishes the same thing – however, it circulates warmth from the earth below and brings your home to a comfortable temperature.

Why Should I Consider a Heat Pump?

There are several reasons why you should consider buying a heat pump in NYC.

More Energy Efficient: Heat Pumps are often 400 percent more efficient than standard heating and cooling systems. This means you’ll consume much less energy, and spend much less on your monthly energy bills.

Very Reliable Systems: Heat pumps have been around the HVAC industry for about 15 years, so they are not new. As such, these units are manufactured for efficiency, and more often than not run consistently around the clock. The key to their longevity is routine service however.

Environmentally Friendly Systems: Unlike our typical gas-powered furnaces, heat pumps don’t burn anything or worse, release burnt exhaust into the air we breathe. This reduces carbon emissions and helps to reduce poor indoor air quality.

Heat Pumps have come a long way in a short period of time. However, they are growing in terms of how many New York customers are starting to see the value of completing heat pump installation in NYC. To learn more about the heat pumps we sell and install, contact our sales team at Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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