HVAC Maintenance & HVAC Repair in New York, NY 10006

For three decades now, people in Manhattan have relied on Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating to keep them comfortable indoors. That’s because we offer the best HVAC maintenance & HVAC repair services in New York, NY 10006, no matter what your specific needs are. We know you have a number of companies to choose from, which is why we’re proud of the fact that, when you call (212) 983-3330, you can get all the services you need with the level of quality you want.

HVAC Systems

No matter what type of HVAC system your home or business relies on, even the best makes and models can run into problems. Whether it’s

  • your heat pump going out
  • a problem with your air ducts
  • the coils just need cleaning

We at Interstate Air Conditioning and Heating know what to do.

Our HVAC technicians are all:

  • licensed
  • certified
  • armed with our unique HVAC maintenance checklist

On top of that, we put them through our own training process to be sure we can be proud of the fact that they carry our company name. Don’t get tricked into accepting a dubious discount by accepting a lesser quality of service. Your HVAC system is too important and you could put it, and your warranty, at risk by going with someone who isn’t properly licensed and certified to work on it.

It doesn’t matter what type of system you have or the brand you bought, when you need HVAC maintenance or HVAC repair in New York, NY 10006, our company is the only name you need to remember.


Of course, sometimes the problem is just your air conditioner. Nonetheless, this issue can feel huge in the summer months when Manhattan’s temperatures become unbearable outdoors. Whether you need yours

  • installed
  • repaired
  • replaced
  • inspected

Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating has what you need.


Though we’re just wrapping up with winter, most of you can probably remember the insane lows we hit in Manhattan. That’s why it will pay to have our number handy next year, in case you need HVAC maintenance or HVAC repair in New York, NY 10006.

Give us a call ahead of the temperatures heading south and we’ll inspect your furnace long before it can ever become a problem. Our family owned business provides our technicians with a preventive checklist whenever they’re supplying HVAC maintenance or HVAC Repair in New York, NY 10006. They’ll happily pay your home or business a visit to ensure you’re ready for the winter months.

Of course, if your system gives out, for whatever reason, that doesn’t mean you need to sit around staring at your breath. We’ll give you a quote upfront before one of our vehicles ever pulls up for the job.

At Interstate Air Conditioning and Heating, we provide

  • HVAC Maintenance
  • HVAC Repair
  • HVAC Service Contracts

All of this is on top of all the services we’re known for, to make it easier for you to get the services you need. This is done in an effort to win both your business and your trust. So the next time you’re having issues staying comfortable inside, give us a call for immediate relief. When you need HVAC maintenance & HVAC Repair in New York, NY 10006 you should know it’s available 24/7.