If you have an HVAC, air conditioner or heating unit in your home or business, chances are you’ve either needed maintenance or you know it will be necessary down the road. Choose the wrong company and your need for HVAC maintenance in New York, NY 10038 can turn into a much bigger problem. For 30 years, people in Manhattan have avoided this issue by calling Interstate Air Conditioning and Heating at (212)983-3330


Our company is proud of the fact that we employ people who are:

  • experts when it comes to all types of systems
  • customer support specialists
  • courteous and polite

All our technicians are:

  • licensed
  • certified in all the necessary areas
  • armed with our custom maintenance checklist

So you never have to worry that our great prices hide a lack of expertise that will put your unit at risk. Even our sales team and account managers understand the intricacies that go into your particular unit. When you need HVAC maintenance in New York, NY 10038, you can expect a courteous and well-informed response whenever you call us.

Heating System

There are a number of heating systems out there and we make sure our technicians are prepared for all of them. Whether you rely on:

  • electric heat
  • gas furnace
  • a heat pump system

You should know you’re in good hands with Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating.

Temperatures in Manhattan get far too low to entrust your heating system to anyone, but the experts. So when you need our HVAC maintenance in New York, NY 10038 to stay warm, you should know that our technicians will first check the thermostat and not leave until they’ve done everything including inspect for air leakage.

Air Conditioning

When summer hits Manhattan, the temperature can skyrocket. A business or home without proper air conditioning can be downright dangerous. Our technicians show up to every call with a maintenance checklist that begins with inspecting and replacing your air filters and ends with them testing the operation of your entire unit.

You may depend on central air or get you’re A/C from a through the wall unit. It doesn’t matter which you use because our technicians have seen it all before. They have experience with brands like:

  • McQuay
  • United Cool Air
  • Bryant


An HVAC unit is a big investment whether it’s for your home or an entire commercial building. So we offer special financing, coupons and maintenance agreements to ensure everyone can afford our HVAC maintenance in New York, NY 10038.

Even if you’re not having problems now, we offer a number of services that will keep it that way. We can also do plenty to ensure it’s running at its best so you’re not spending money unnecessarily. Simple procedures like cleaning your unit’s coils can go a long way where savings are concerned.

When you need HVAC maintenance in New York, NY 10038, please remember Interstate Air Conditioning and Heating. With 30 years of experience behind us, you’ll be ensured the attention and expertise you need to stay comfortable all year round.