Here at Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating, we are skilled and certified in almost every different type of air conditioning unit out there.

So many times, when we receive phone calls for service, the first question we ask is “what type of HVAC unit do you have?”

75 times out of 100 the person on the other end has no idea what type of air conditioning unit they have. In this section we will be discussing a bunch of different types of air conditioning units. Hopefully this will educate the reader in understanding the difference between most air conditioning units. Most air conditioning units we deal with here in New York City are of the following: Split Systems, PTAC units, Packaged Units, Mini Splits, and of course the basic Window Air Conditioning unit.

Please click on the below links for information on each of the following HVAC units:

Packaged Unit
Split System
Mini Split / Ductless Split
PTAC / Through the wall