What is a Packaged Air Conditioning Unit?

There are a couple of types of packaged units. Unlike the split system, the packaged unit has all the components of the air conditioning system all in one place. The most common packaged unit is a roof top packaged unit, also known as RTU

Roof top packaged units are more suitable for larger spaces and often lower level buildings with space on the rooftop to install the unit. However, some houses also use roof top packaged units. The unit itself requires duct work, power line and drain piping.

Roof top packaged unit are known to be extremely efficient. The scroll compressor is 10% lighter and 30% more compact than conventional reciprocating compressors. Another great benefit of the rooftop unit is that it does not use up valuable indoor space. Most units come with multi-zone arrangement, so that means that there are multiple zones control. Most of the time packaged units come with furnaces so they can be used for heat as well.

Roof Top HVAC Unit in Manhattan NY

There is also an indoor packaged unit. It is very similar to the roof top packed unit, however the building or space was too high to install the unit on the roof so they install it in a room indoors. This unit then gets connected to a duct work supply that distributes the air evenly throughout the building.

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