What is a PTAC Air Conditioning unit?

PTAC units also known as Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner are very popular in condos, offices, and any hospitality environment. PTAC units are self-contained, usually single unit in each room. These types of units are often installed on the outside of the wall rather than throuPTAC Units New york Citygh a window. However, it is possible to install through a window if the windows are large enough. These units average at about 40 inches in length. PTAC units have the ability to handle both heat and cool air.


There are many reasons to use PTAC units. A major one is that they are energy efficient and more “green” than window units.

Most models come with electronic temperature limits. This will prevent excessive use of the unit.

You can get units up to 12.2 EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio).

PTAC units are capable of smart controls that can run the units at a certain range of times and multiple periods. This is most important for pre-warming or pre-cooling a room so that when a facility is opened electricity usage won’t be at peak.

Managing a PTAC unit is also relatively easy. The filters that the unit uses are easily removable, cleanable, and installable. This helps the owner maximize the efficiency of the unit.

Because each unit is used to condition each room, the amount of electricity that is used is a lot less when not all rooms are occupied.

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