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Commercial HVAC Services for Bronx Properties

As a leading provider of commercial HVAC services in Bronx and the surrounding areas, Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating offers a unique opportunity to property owners throughout the region. With a team of certified technicians, they can repair, service, install or perform maintenance on a tremendous list of equipment, and put quality as their primary goal.

Anyone with commercial property in the Bronx knows that the urban climate can make air quality a serious challenge and having well performing HVAC equipment is essential. Whether it is the summer heat that causes you to focus on air conditioning performance, or the brutal winter chill that can make heating the focus, there is always a lot of maintenance, repair and even service involved.

It is not common for the commercial property owner to handle this work themselves, and so they turn to qualified providers. The City of New York demands that your service technicians be certified, but we go beyond just this certification with our teams. At Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating our entire team of HVAC technicians is certified to perform repairs, service, installations, and regular maintenance on all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment.

Our techs remain EPA certified too, allowing them to be familiar with everything relating to HVAC in general.

Quality is Our Focus

Of course, a well-trained team may fail to provide the best service if they are not straightforward and honest with clients. Our team understands that we want to keep all Bronx commercial property owners happy, and so we ensure that they are 100% honest with customers, explaining any issues, what work is needed, and all the rest.

Cutting corners or taking shortcuts is not the way we do business, and it is why we have been a top provider of air conditioning, heating and HVAC service for 30 years. To ensure that our repair, service and installation clients enjoy the very best results, we also offer maintenance contracts that put them on a regular schedule of upkeep and care.

This ensures they get the very most out of the gear, and all without remembering to book the cleanings and updates that keep systems running without fail. Our contracts also provide commercial property owners in the Bronx with reduced energy expenses too – as well maintained equipment is always more efficient.

Are your commercial properties ready for the upcoming season? Have you had the heating or cooling systems serviced recently? Give Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating a call today to book a visit, get a quote and get your systems running efficiently.