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Choose Superior HVAC Service in Park Slope, Brooklyn

As one of the most active and thriving communities in the New York area, Park Slope, Brooklyn has witnessed the recent rise in population and subsequent demand for more businesses. Commercial properties are at a premium and owners are always under pressure to keep their buildings running efficiently and satisfying their renters. If you are a commercial building owner in the Park Slope, Brooklyn neighborhood, you will want to have dependable service providers at all times – and especially where your HVAC systems are concerned.

After all, the summer season creates a huge demand for effective air conditioning, the winter chill calls for good heating, and the urban air quality means that ventilation is hugely important too. This is why Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating is such a good resource. In business for more than 30 years, we are proud to have the reputation as a premium provider of repair, service, installation and maintenance of all HVAC equipment.

Top Quality Training and Teams

We believe that quality service is the most important factor in success, and so we ensure that our technicians are not only EPA certified to NYC standards, but that they are capable of providing the best service to all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment.

In addition to the field technicians having expertise, we make certain that the customer service reps and all managers have the same level of expertise as well. We want to do it right the first time, and that means a skilled team that is dedicated to 100% honesty, performance, and results.

Our Park Slope, Brooklyn commercial clients will get the kind of time and attention needed for any sort of repair or service. It is our hope that our work will allow their equipment to enjoy a long and efficient life span, and that we can provide them with the kind of maintenance that keeps operating costs low, even when the HVAC equipment is being used round the clock (which is common in commercial properties).

We also like to provide our customers with scheduled maintenance contracts on their air conditioning and heating systems. Rather than waiting for you to call and book a cleaning or tune-up, we put you on the calendar and get it taken care of long before any issues lead to a service call. Should something occur, we do free service calls for those with the maintenance contracts.

Don’t be caught off guard with a costly HVAC repair issue. Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating offers easy repair and service options through maintenance contracts. A top provider in Park Slope, Brooklyn, we are happy to give you a quote for whatever work you need. Give us a call today to get started down the road to superior HVAC performance.