Long Island HVAC Services

Specializing in all your Air Conditioning & Heating Needs throughout Long Island

As a leading HVAC company in NYC we’re proud to include Long Island as part of our overall service area. Several branches of our client companies are located there, including Bolton’s, Pay Half, and Santander’s.

Running a business on Long Island can have an impact on your HVAC needs. Climate, air quality and local laws can all have an impact. We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to these factors so you can plan ahead.

Climate in Long Island

With winter lows plunging to 25.5 degrees in an area that receives an average of 21 inches of snowfall every year, it’s important to make sure your heater is working. We recommend all Long Island companies schedule their annual heating check-up to keep their customers warm and toasty.

However, being in the northern part of the nation does not shield us from blistering hot summers. Average highs of 83 degrees mean you want your AC to be in tip-top shape as well. The AC needs as much attention as the heater does, requiring filter changes and fluid top-0ffs. Ask us about annual AC maintenance too!

Remember, nothing creates a bad sales day or kills deals faster than uncomfortable temperature extremes.

Laws Governing HVAC in Long Island

Here at Interstate Air we promise to follow all applicable laws when attending to your HVAC needs. You may be surprised to learn Nassau County has made several laws which could impact your HVAC needs.

For example, if you own multi-unit rental properties then it’s important to forge a relationship with an HVAC company you can trust. This is because the landlord or owner of the building is usually responsible for the heat unless it is metered or billed separately for each unit. Landlords are also required to ensure all HVAC systems remain in good repair and operate within the bounds of safety.

It’s also important to be aware Nassau County requires heat be provided from October 1st through May 31st any time the temperature drops below 55 F. Buildings must be heated to up to 65 degrees between 10 PM and 6 AM and up to 68 degrees between 6 AM and 10 PM.

To comply with the law in Nassau County we must stay current on our licenses, which we do. Beware of any local HVAC contractor who has not done the same.

We’re here for you, Long Island.

With Interstate Air on your side you never need worry about whether an HVAC problem will hinder your business activities for long. We work fast and keep all the most common parts on hand so we can get the system in your office, store, warehouse, or rental property back to top-notch condition without disturbing your customers, clients, or tenants.

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