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Premium HVAC Service in Nassau County

Though it is not a borough of NYC, Long Island and Nassau County are extremely busy, populated and appealing areas. There are many commercial properties, and their owners are often challenged by maintenance, upkeep and repair on their buildings. After all, Nassau County is a spot where the four seasons are very obvious, with heavy winter weather, hot and humid summers, damp autumn and spring conditions, and all of the heating and cooling demands these create.

This is why Interstate Air Conditioning  & Heating is happy to make their incredibly skilled team of HVAC specialists available to help commercial property owners throughout this area. With a long list of service offerings, we put quality as our first goal.

Certified HVAC Providers in Nassau County

When choosing a firm to provide maintenance, service, installation or repair on your air conditioning and heating systems, you must be sure they are certified to do so. At Interstate, our entire team is EPA certified according to an in-house calendar that keeps them up to date on all of the latest regulations and codes. We also make sure that our customer service agents and managers are just as knowledgeable, and everyone on the team is capable of offering support on all heating and cooling equipment. Every make and model is familiar to us, and we are glad to provide commercial property owners with the service or repair needed.

Naturally, when you have our HVAC techs work on your systems or equipment, it is going to help extend the life span of this costly gear and make it operate at a much more energy efficient level. This cannot be overemphasized in terms of value to Nassau County commercial property owners. Just think of the money saved when the air conditioning or the heating is operating at its peak efficiency throughout the seasons.

While we are glad to provide service at all times and for all makes and models, we also offer a scheduled maintenance contract for any commercial HVAC system or component. This will allow you to enjoy worry free operation, and should an unforeseen issue occur, we provide free service calls. This proves how much we believe in the quality and integrity of our team’s work. If you own a commercial property in Nassau County and have concerns about ventilation, air conditioning, or heating, give us a call. We will be happy to give you quotes for a repair or specific service, or make arrangements for your scheduled maintenance contract. Give us a call today to get started.