Garden City HVAC service , repair , & Maintenance

Repairing Air Conditioning , & Heating Units in Garden City Nassau.

Superior Commercial HVAC Service for Garden City Property Owners

Commercial property owners in Garden City understand that their area is one of the busiest in Long Island. Lots of businesses and commercial buildings mean that it can be challenging to find dependable contractors familiar with the unique needs of so many different kinds of systems or structures. This is particularly true where HVAC systems are concerned, and yet Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating is a long trusted resource offering truly superior repair, service and maintenance for all makes and models.

Our team prides itself on its commitment to top-notch HVAC service. We have more than 30 years in the industry, and all of our technicians are EPA certified according to the legal standards. However, we take it much farther, and our entire team is able to offer the finest service on any air conditioning or heating system. We truly repair all makes and models, offering installation and maintenance.

This expertise is not limited to the field technicians alone. The entire team has expertise in all HVAC systems, and this includes the customer service representatives you reach when you call, their managers, and the techs.

Beyond the Basics

On top of the technical knowledge and certifications of the team, we also offer our Garden City clients our solid dedication to 100% quality and performance. We are a “get it done right the first time” sort of group. If you call for service on your commercial air conditioning or you have unexpected issues with the heating in your commercial property, you can know with absolute certainty that you will get an accurate and honest answer about the repair or service needed.

To help commercial property owners avoid the worst issues where their HVAC equipment is concerned, we are glad to provide scheduled maintenance contracts too. This takes the responsibility of booking seasonal services on your air conditioning, heating, or ventilation systems. Instead, we put you on the schedule, clean and tune up the equipment and help to make it run smoothly and efficiently.

Over our 30 years in business, we have discovered that the vast majority of problems begin with dirt in the different system components. Our maintenance contracts help to keep your commercial systems running efficiently, more cost effectively, and without the need for ongoing repair. If a service call is required when you have a contract, we provide it for free. We are confident in our abilities to provide top-notch service, and would love a chance to help you get your Garden City commercial property ready for the upcoming season. Give us a call today.