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Trust a Leading HVAC Provider for Your Queens Service and Repair

As one of the five boroughs of NYC, Queens experiences the radically different seasonal conditions. The brutal heat of summer, the bitter cold of winter and the challenges of indoor air are common to any urban location. This is why all commercial property owners in Queens need qualified and competent HVAC service year round.

However, with the winter season approaching, it is time for commercial building owners to think about the wide array of maintenance needed. An air conditioning system may be due for an end of season checkup, or the heating will need a few tweaks before the cold arrives. Fortunately, whether it is for repair, service or basic maintenance, Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating is available to help.

With over 30 years as a top HVAC service and installation provider in Queens and the surrounding area, we have the knowledge and skills necessary for any commercial repair service required. Of course, it is about more than just repairs, and our team of highly trained and certified staff can help with a long list of maintenance and installation issues too.

Understanding Your HVAC Needs is Our Goal

At Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating we like to describe our services as “transparent”. We focus specifically on your needs, and are completely honest about your current system requirements. We do not cut corners or short change customers. Instead, we take the time to provide only the highest quality work.

To do this, our field technicians are fully certified to work on all makes and models of HVAC equipment. They can repair or provide maintenance on any aspect of your system, and we ensure that they are all EPA certified as well. They are all up to date on the very latest in the world of commercial HVAC system service and repair, and pass this on in the form of high-quality services throughout Queens.

In order to guarantee customers the finest response times and terms, we extend scheduled maintenance contracts. This takes the worry out of your commercial air conditioning and heating maintenance, and allows us to perform the repairs or services as needed. Free service calls are part of your contract, and the ongoing maintenance ensures a longer life for your commercial HVAC equipment in Queens. Are you ready to enjoy a stress free winter heating season? Give us a call today.