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Trust Premium HVAC Services in Astoria

Long known as a commercial neighborhood in the borough of Queens, Astoria is a thriving place, and commercial property owners struggle to obtain the best contractors to keep buildings up to code and running efficiently. Fortunately, for more than 30 years, Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating has been providing top of the line HVAC service, repair, installation and maintenance.

With such a long history of operating in the NYC area, including Astoria, they are more than familiar with the challenges faced by property owners struggling with any HVAC issue. The four seasons can put real pressures on systems like air conditioning, ventilation, and heating, and a single malfunction or failure can cost huge amounts. With a bit of maintenance and regular service, though, most systems can be kept in working order.

This is where Interstate stands apart from the crowd as it provides truly premium, honest, and experienced repair service. Our entire staff – from the hands-on technicians out in the field to the people who provide customer service, and even our managers, are all experts in HVAC equipment and systems.

Our techs are certified to work on all makes and models of HVAC gear, and they are always EPA certified via our in-house calendar that ensures everyone is completely up to date.

Dedicated to Getting the Job Done

Though the team’s expertise is certainly going to provide our Astoria clients with the kind of maintenance and care they need, we also have a company-wide commitment to getting the job done right “the first time”. We never take short cuts and give our commercial customers the kind of time and attention they deserve. Whether it is the entire HVAC system, the air conditioning or the heating, we let you know, with accuracy, what it is you require.

Whether it is the heating in your retail space, a repair to the air conditioning in your office, or service on some part of your restaurant’s ventilation, we are going to be honest and clear about your issues. Because most of the problems can be alleviated or eliminated by the use of preemptive maintenance we are happy to provide all commercial HVAC owners with scheduled service contracts.

This would allow us to maintain the different systems in your Astoria property on a fixed schedule. The air conditioning would be tended to just before the cooling season, the heating would be cleaned before it kicks into use, and so on. If a problem occurs, we provide the repair or service call for free. We are so confident that you won’t need emergency calls of this kind when you have a commercial maintenance contract that we won’t charge you if it occurs! Are you ready to get our Astoria commercial building in top condition? Just give us a call today!