HVAC Maintenance , Repair , & Service in Jamaica Queens

We repair all types of air conditioning & heating equipment.

Rely on the Best HVAC Service in Jamaica, NY

Although Jamaica, NY has long been known as a mostly residential area in Queens, it has steadily experienced growth, including more and more commercial buildings. Today, there is a large demand for commercial services and contractors that help owners to keep buildings up to code, safe, and operating properly. One of the biggest challenges is the upkeep of HVAC equipment. The seasonal conditions create a demand for dependable and efficient air conditioning and heating as well as trustworthy ventilation.

Fortunately, commercial property owners in Jamaica can call upon the expertise and experience of Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating. With more than 30 years of providing repair service and system maintenance in the area, we are among the most trusted names in HVAC installation and upkeep.

No Nonsense Service

We have earned our sterling reputation with commercial properties by ensuring that our entire staff is well versed in all areas of our industry. Not only are the field technicians properly certified according to the local and state laws, but also they are also capable of providing repair, service, installation and maintenance of all makes and models of HVAC equipment.

We ensure that the customer service reps and the managers are just as expert in air conditioning, heating, and ventilation too. Additionally, the team is all committed to the kind of competent, honest, and dedicated work we demand. We are a “get it right the first time” group, and will take all of the time needed to be sure that any repair or service is done properly.

Whether your Jamaica property is a retail shop, restaurant, office building or even a commercially owned residential property, we will never cut corners or be anything other than 100% honest about the kind of solution required.

Of course, our goal is to ensure the best service, and that means letting our clients know when their commercial systems need to be replaced or updated and repaired in specific ways. We look out for your needs by helping you to get the most mileage and performance out of any system, the best energy usage, and the least amount of trouble.

This is why we extend the option for a scheduled maintenance contract to our commercial owners in Jamaica. This would allow us to put your entire HVAC system on a regular schedule of care. The air conditioning is maintained at the right time, the heating system is cleaned and serviced, and any other element is tended to in order to avoid problems. Should you need a repair call or service, it is done for free. We believe in our team so highly that Jamaica commercial property owners with maintenance contracts on their HVAC get free service if a problem occurs! If you want trouble and hassle free air conditioning and heating, and to get the most out of your repair service or maintenance provider, just give us a call today!