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3 Tips to Keep Your Staten Island Commercial HVAC System Running Efficiently

Here is a quick question for you – when you buy new car; do you just put gas in it and go until it breaks down? Of course not – but you’d be surprised how many business owners treat their HVAC systems this way. Any major purchase should always be followed up by a service call from the dealer reminding you to stay on top of routine maintenance to ensure the system runs smooth – and this is even more important when looking to protect your commercial HVAC unit in Staten Island.

Your HVAC system is a mechanical system – installed by experts in heating and air conditioning and most likely installed by a professional commercial HVAC company in Staten Island. However, without following a few important routine maintenance tips; you’re expensive HVAC system might in fact break down sooner than you’d like. To avoid that, here are three simple HVAC Tips to keep your Staten Island heating and cooling units running smooth and at peak performance around the clock.

HVAC Tip #1 – Set up a Routine Service Plan

The first thing you might want to do is to set up an annual inspection and service of your commercial HVAC system in Staten Island. It is very important that any annual inspection and HVAC service program includes a few of the following specific items:

It is best to set up an annual inspection with these services twice per year. We’d suggest an inspection in April or May – before the weather really gets hot and muggy in Staten Island and in Sept – Oct before it gets cold. This inspection will provide you with several benefits including:

HVAC Tips #2 – Have your Ductwork Cleaned Out Annually

The air quality in New York isn’t the best around – and anybody who has lived in Staten Island for a long period of time knows this to be true. However, the side effect of this dust and dirty air is clogged ductwork inside your office building. This is why another HVAC tip we’d offer you is to have your ductwork inspected and cleaned every year. This also includes:

HVAC Tips #3 – Always Work with the Same Company

Consistency is important when it comes to providing service for any major appliance. However, with HVAC systems – it’s really critical to work with a reliable company the first time. It’s also important to continue to work with them as the years pass. However, make sure that anybody you hire meets the following criteria:

Staying on top of HVAC repairs is all about instigating a routine maintenance program that is cost-effective, is easy and will keep your commercial HVAC system in Staten Island running great around the clock. Following these three simple HVAC tips for Staten Island business owners will save you money, time and stress.