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Safety Tips for Space Heaters

When it comes to being safe during the cold winters of New York City (NYC), consider these facts from the National Fire Protection Association with regard to space heaters:

Being warm and safe, during a NYC winter, doesn’t have to be an either-or situation. By following these safety tips, you can enjoy much-needed heat while remaining safe:

  1. Space heaters should be Underwriters Listed (UL) or Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL)approved.
  2. Only use space heaters that are ground fault protected.
  3. Space heater should have a tip-over switch.
  4. Space heater should be 36 inches away from any type of material or objects.
  5. Only purchase a space heater with a timer to avoid space heater running while unattended.
  6. Never plug a space heater into an extension cord.
  7. Always purchase the proper sized space heater for a room to avoid overheating. 
  8. Never use a space heater with missing parts.
  9. Make sure space heater is always on a flat surface.
  10. Keep space heaters away from exits and other paths of travel.
  11. Space heaters should not be used in wet areas.
  12. Never place clothing on top of space heater.
  13. Keep children away from space heaters.
  14.   Keep pets away from space heaters.
  15.       Make sure to have a properly working carbon monoxide and smoking detector in the same room with the space heater.
  16.       To prevent freeze ups, doors and windows should be closed during space heater use.

By following the tips above, space heaters can be a safe and efficient way to provide heat and comfort to some of the uncomfortable situations that happen during the winters of NYC.

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