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Multi-Site HVAC Management

Commercial HVAC Service On A Larger Scale

Most commercial HVAC service companies offer installation, repair and maintenance, but very few companies go beyond these basics and offer large-scale ongoing HVAC management solutions. Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating does.

If you have multiple locations that are managed by a central control system, we’re the company to call for expert multi-site HVAC management in New York City and New Jersey. We work with chain retailers, banks, property management firms, healthcare conglomerates and more to provide fast, professional HVAC services across all of your locations.

Interstate Is A Cut Above The Rest

Get comfort services you can trust from a name you can trust. Schedule today!

More Than 10 Locations? No Problem!

When you have multiple locations, your HVAC management needs are more complicated than if you just have one or two locations. Interstate wants to save facility managers the stress of hiring multiple HVAC companies to serve your various locations.

By contracting with us you’ll be able to save time sourcing and calling dozens of companies and balancing their schedule availability with your HVAC services needs. We are certified in most central HVAC control software systems, so you don’t even have to worry about whether we’ll know how to access your diagnostics. Contact Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating now to see how we can make your property management job easier.

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One Company For All Your Multi-Site HVAC Management Needs

No matter how many commercial properties you need HVAC service for, Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating can help.

  • Preventive Maintenance Programs: We tailor cost-effective preventive maintenance programs to assure your multiple locations are maintained and operating at peak efficiency.
  • HVAC Demand Service: Let us be your one phone call when it comes to demand service for any of your locations. Wouldn’t it be great for all your locations to have just one phone call to make instead of hundreds? Our 24/7 Dispatching department will dispatch all your demand service calls as soon as calls are received.
  • HVAC Replacement Services: Why deal with hundreds of prices and companies offering you different equipment to replace or install? Interstate offers peace of mind for your multi-site HVAC system replacement. We suggest equipment that integrates with your existing system and get it installed in the most cost-effective way as possible.