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Whether you are in a retail store or office building, it still has its challenges when dealing with emergency HVAC repairs. Not knowing which commercial HVAC company in NYC to call or what the cost would be is extremely frustrating & could take days or even weeks until a reputable HVAC contractor comes out to make the repair. That’s where Interstate Air comes in to offer affordable HVAC service contract agreements in NYC and all Boroughs within the city limits.
We offer HVAC service agreements where not only do we perform maintenance periodically on your HVAC system, but you get FREE service calls when your system does break down. This ensures that if there ever is a problem with your cooling or heating system in NYC – we’ll quickly arrive to take care of the issue.

Our HVAC service agreements are available in the following Boroughs that include (but are not limited to):

Interstate Is A Cut Above The Rest

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HVAC Service Agreement Benefits

  • Quick Response Time
  • Periodic Maintenance Visits
  • Reduce Energy Bill
  • Prevent Breakdowns
  • FREE Service Calls
  • Extended Equipment Life

What's Included

  • 3 Preventive Maintenance Visits
  • Evaporator Coil Cleaning
  • Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Service Calls
  • Filters, Belts
  • Most Electrical Parts
  • Extended Equipment Life

What is the cost of your HVAC Service Contracts?

Each of our HVAC Service Contracts are unique and individually tailored to meet the needs of each individual customers. There are many factors that impact pricing, so contact us today to receive a free estimate.

Whats the difference between HVAC service contracts & HVAC maintenance contracts?

An HVAC service contract has periodic routine maintenance plus it covers all service calls for FREE while an HVAC maintenance contract only includes periodic HVAC maintenance visits.

If my HVAC unit breaks down I don't have to pay?

Yes! that is 100% correct! Can you imagine not paying those insanely high bills anymore? Our service contract covers all service calls + all minor parts. Contact us today for an exact list of which parts are included.

How fast can you get to our location for HVAC repair service?

It depends. We offer two different options. Option one is the silver package, which includes a 2 day max response time. Our gold package includes a 1 day response time. Imagine being able to get HVAC service within a day of calling an HVAC repair company. This is a reality when you work with the team at Interstate Air Conditioning and Heating.


Both air conditioning & heating are critical to keep your place of business comfortable for both employees and customers. There are several components in your HVAC system that can easily break down from stress of dirt and heat. As a business owner you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of all the complicated parts to keep your HVAC units functioning properly. Our goal is to provide you with affordable HVAC service contracts in NYC. To learn more view this energy saving document created by