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Furnace Repair

Don’t Be Left In The Cold - Call Us For Fast Repairs!

Have you noticed an unusual chill in your home? Are there groans and bangs coming from behind your walls? Before you worry that you have a ghost, call Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating for a furnace repair quote.

We will thoroughly evaluate your heating system to diagnose the problem is and provide an action plan for furnace repairs. Our licensed professionals provide fast and accurate heating repairs at reasonable prices.

Interstate Is A Cut Above The Rest

Get comfort services you can trust from a name you can trust. Schedule today!

Signs You Need Furnace Repairs

  • Unusual Noises — banging, clanging, groaning and hissing are all sure signs your furnace has a problem.
  • Foul Odors — if you smell burning or sulfur smells coming from your furnace, call us for repairs right away as it could be a fire risk.
  • Insufficient or No Heat — a lack of heat could be anything from a burned-out fuse to a catastrophic failure, so it needs to be assessed as soon as possible.

If your furnace is showing any of these signs of needing repair, or if it’s just acting weird and you’re worried about it, call Interstate and schedule a free furnace evaluation. We’ll get to the root of the problem.

(877) 264-4542 Emergency Service Available!

Why Choose Interstate

We take our furnace service seriously; that’s why we provide the highest quality work, customer service and professionalism possible. We make sure that we are transparent with our customers so they are not left guessing what the problem is or how much it will cost them to fix it. Our team is highly trained and ready to work! Call (212)-983-3330 or contact us online to schedule service!