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Why pay more? Why wait for your unit to break?

For business owners, ensuring that all equipment is functional and serviced on time can mean the difference between business success and operational failure. This is why the team at Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating offers HVAC maintenance in NYC that is designed to keep your HVAC system running strong around the clock. However, did you also know that routine HVAC maintenance can also save you money each month on your electricity bills – thus reducing your monthly overhead and placing more profits in the black column? This is why we also offer HVAC maintenance contracts to keep your system running year after year.

Why You Need An HVAC Maintenance Contract

For starters, getting an HVAC Company on the phone during the summer months is a challenge.

  • When one has a maintenance contract they receive priority service.
  • Another huge benefit on an HVAC Maintenance contract is that we perform maintenance every quarter. During a maintenance visit we pretty much find the issues on a preventive visit and not on a reactive visit. Companies that have an HVAC maintenance contract are less likely to experience equipment breakdowns.
  • Finally, we find that the savings on the energy bill take off a big chunk of the contract cost. Maintenance contracts don’t cost, they pay!

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How much does a commercial HVAC maintenance contract cost in NYC?

It depends on a few factors:

  • How many commercial HVAC systems you have.
  • Frequency of the visits.
  • How many times a year will maintenance be performed.

If you are interested in knowing the costs for your specific circumstance, give us a call in NYC at 212-983-3330. Or let us know how we can help on our contact form.

What is a commercial HVAC maintenance contract?

A commercial HVAC maintenance contract is an agreement that’s put in place so that your HVAC equipment gets maintained frequently. A typical HVAC maintenance contract has a quarterly HVAC Maintenance schedule in which your equipment gets maintained every month.

People typically see major savings in their energy bill along with extended equipment life. HVAC maintenance contracts come with other benefits such as priority same day service and reduced pricing on repairs.

Get more information about a plan that works for you by contacting us online or calling us at 212-983-3330 in NYC.

What is the difference between a maintenance contact and a service contract?

The main difference between a maintenance contract and a service contract is that with a maintenance contract it only covers maintenance visits and discounts.

An HVAC service contract covers all parts and labor for all breakdowns that occur.

Get the info. on what will meet your needs best by calling us at 212-983-3330 in NYC. We’re also quick to respond online.

Our commercial HVAC company in also offers specific commercial heating maintenance programs in NYC – designed to keep your heating unit running strong during our cold New York winters.

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Inspect and replace HVAC air filters

The single most important part of maintaining you HVAC equipment is to regularly change your air filters. A clogged and dirty air filter not only blocks normal airflow, but reduces your unit’s efficiency while raising your energy bill. Regularly replacing air filters can reduce energy consumption by 5% to 15%. The obstructed air flow places an additional strain on the unit, causing the unit to go into over drive. Replacing the air filters also increases the quality of air flow in the space. A dirty air filter can turn into a health hazard for those with COPD, allergies or asthma.

Clean blower assembly of normal dirt

Did you know that dirt gets stuck inside the fins of the squirrel cage which prevents the blower from pulling a sufficient amount of air? When the blower wheel doesn’t pull enough air the unit keeps running without the space temperature getting satisfied, which leads to much higher energy consumption, and reduced air flow.

Inspect all belts and replace as needed

Like HVAC filters, belts are a critical part of HVAC maintenance. It’s very common for a belt to be misaligned due to the vibration of the unit. If a belt is misaligned and loosens up, there will be a substantial loss of torque and can wear down the pulley wheel. Why pay thousands of dollars in repairs when the simple act of adjusting or replacing a belt will not only save money, but extend the life of your unit.

Lubricate all fans and motor bearings

All moving parts in your HVAC system require regular lubrication to prevent friction in parts such as a motor. Increased friction leads to the parts working harder increasing energy use while also wearing down the part.

Inspect the refrigerant operating pressures & visually check for refrigerant leaks

Maintaining a consistent level of refrigerant is the key to proper operation of any HVAC system. If a system is missing refrigerant while the unit is running, the compressor will get damaged which costs a lot to repair. A lack of refrigerant can cause a system failure in 2 ways. The first is that the low pressures will cause the compressor to freeze up. The other form of failure is simply due to the fact that the compressor requires a certain amount of refrigerant to run properly.

Inspect condensate pump, drain pan, clean out drain lines using CO2, & Supply pan with acid tablets

Most HVAC service calls we receive are for leaking Air Conditioning units. The main reason a unit leaks is due to a clogged drain line. A professional HVAC contractor will put acid tablets in your drain pan to help reduce the future buildup of dirt,soot, & mold. Don’t let something as simple as standard HVAC maintenance be the reason your ceiling comes caving down due to a water leak. Prevent these issues before they occur.

Check & tighten electrical connections

Why spend $350 on a burnt out contact when you could have prevented the issue during preventive maintenance? Lots of electrical parts burn due to loose connections. We also come across plenty of service calls that had units shut off because the electrical connection in the thermostat was loose. Prevent this issues today with performing maintenance the right way.

Calibrating safety controls and temperature controls

We go to hundreds of service calls a year because office buildings & retail stores don’t get the control settings checked. One wrong setting can leave your hanging in the 100 degree heat. Controls should be checked & calibrated at least twice a year to prevent HVAC breakdowns.

Take ampere readings on all motors and compressors

If a compressor or motor is on its way out, would you rather take preventive measures and get it replaced before the summer season, or would you rather wait for the heat wave to hit? Businesses fail to understand that being proactive is much cheaper then being reactive. Why wait until customers wont shop due to heat?

Inspect and adjust valves and dampers

Before heating season, it makes perfect sense to close all the gas valves as a safety precaution. What happens when the winter comes and all the sudden your heating system doesn’t turn on? A good AC maintenance company would inspect and adjust all valves & dampers. They should adjust according to seasons and desired conditions.

Inspect Supply & Return Temperature

The best way to assure a client that an HVAC unit is operating correctly is to show the temperature difference between the air being sucked in versus the cold air being distributed.

Inspect & Clean Evaporator & Condenser Coils.

Both your evaporator & condenser coils are a key component of any AC system. When they are cleaned, your HVAC system will operate at peak efficiency. However, when your coils are dirty, they can cause many problems including:

Increased Operating Costs: When your coil become dirty it cannot provide adequate or designed heat transfer which will cause higher discharge pressure. This will require more electricity, which translates into increased utility costs. In fact, dirty coils can increase energy consumption 37% over clean coils.

Reduced Cooling: As the dirt collect on the coils it restricts heat transfer causing the compressor to work harder. This adds more heat to the system and raises the head pressure as much as 75% which can result in a loss of up to 30% of the systems cooling capacity. This loss is most noticed on the hottest days when cooling is needed the most.

Shorten Equipment Life: Higher operating pressures and temperatures caused by dirty coils can reduce the equipment’s life expectancy. The higher system pressure and temperature can lead to the breakdown of the compressors lubricant. In addition acid can occur, leading to an acid burnout. This will lead to equipment failure. Compressor failure means no cooling, and costly repairs.

Affect Air Quality: The evaporator coil presents major issues that go way beyond the issues we previously discussed. A dirty evaporator coil creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mold that can impact the indoor air quality.

Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating offers HVAC Maintenance solutions in the following areas including but not limited to:

  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island

If you need HVAC maintenance in NYC, don’t wait—call Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating at (212) 983-3330 to set up a HVAC Service Contract or click here to contact us online

Fewer Breakdowns

over 40% of air conditioning breakdowns are caused because of lack of maintenance. Once dirt gets into the system, parts are more likely to rust and get ruined. By staying on top of HVAC maintenance, you can find problems before they arise.

Lower Utility Bills

simple procedures such as changing an air filter or cleaning a coil allows the unit to run much more smoothly. When your air conditioner runs smoothly, it uses less energy. Using less energy saves you a tremendous amount on your utility bill.


Most companies do not accept HVAC repair warranty claims if the HVAC unit has issues due to lack of maintenance. Protect your investment by setting up a HVAC Service Contract today.

HVAC Maintenance Check List

When you call Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating, we’ll keep your HVAC system running strong with an 18-point inspection that includes: