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5 Coolest Dog House Air Conditioning Systems!

Not only do us humans need central air conditioning systems, so do dogs and other animals! We put together a list in order of our favorite of the coolest dog houses that we have ever seen. As an HVAC company we get to see some real fun stuff!

The Winner

Talk about cool! this dog is definitely keeping cool when the weather hits! look how they have the supply and return air vents going right into the house. I wonder if this dog gets too cold? This unit is a packaged system that both sucks in the regular return air and distributes the cold air.


This is our second favorite dog house air conditioning system. I bet Rex loves this system when the hot weather hits. This air conditioning unit is very similar to the other. It has a supply and return vent as well. If the home ac breaks, were moving into the dog house!



Lacy is just as cool a Rex over here. Can you see the smile on her face? I bet you can know why shes smiling…. Its 100 degrees out and she is about to walk into an ice cold home! This unit is similar to the other 2. They all are efficient by having the supply and return duct going into the unit.



This dog looks just as happy as Lacy does. Shes happy because not only is her home freezing cold during the summer, but shes happy because she also saves on her energy bill by doing preventive maintenance on her air conditioning unit. I wonder how many times a year she changes her filter??



And last but not least the final dog house with an air conditioning system. Did anyone ever see something like this before? I bet not.
This blog is completely for humor, we did not install any of these HVAC units, nor do we know who performed the installation. These images were found through the internet.