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7 Skills You Need to Have as a Homeowner

From basement to rooftop your home is your biggest investment and maintaining it can be a chore. Whether you are new homeowner or a seasoned pro, these seven skills are a must. Having the basic know-how on your home’s upkeep – from your Air conditioning in NYC to your plumbing system will save you headaches and dollars down the road.

1. Leaky Faucets

This time-honored annoyance makes it to the top of the list as a fix-it job that every home handyman should know how to silence. The culprit is the washer inside the handle. Replace the washer by turning off the water supply valve under the sink, close of the basin drain to prevent lost parts, and disassemble the faucet handle. Set the parts in order so they are easy to reassemble. Take any cracked or worn out pieces to the hardware store for a perfect match then reassemble your faucet.

2. Replace a Doorknob

This fix will occur if you want to update the look of your home (or someone unexpectedly locks the door without a key). Unscrew the doorknob base plate and remove. Gently pry apart the inner mechanism with a screwdriver and turn the plunger flange mechanism to remove. Install the new doorknob per the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Leaky Toilet

The sound of a constantly running toilet is not only annoying but it’s also a money-waster. In many cases the fix is as simple as shortening or lengthening the flapper chain. Sometimes the problem can be addressed by bending the ballcock floater slightly up or down. If these two solutions aren’t working you may need to replace a worn out flapper or the flush assembly completely.

4. Find a Wall Stud

Hanging a shelf or heavy picture demands that you bolt them in securely and that means locating the wall studs for the best connection. Stud finders are available everywhere these days, but you can find any stud quickly and easily by doing the tap test. Simply walk to the center of the wall and start tapping vigorously back and forth listening for changes in the sound. A hollow sound means an empty space while a fuller or thudding sound denotes a stud. A test nail will confirm your findings.

5. The Main Water Cutoff

During a disaster knowing how to shut off your water can be a life-saver. Most water main cutoff valves are located at the back of the house. Simply turn the handle as you would under your sink. Many are located water main covers and must be turned off with a special water main key.

6. Install a Ceiling Fan

These days ceiling fans are not only an attractive accent but can help save money on your AC bills. Make sure your power is off before disassembling the existing fan. Make sure all wires are clearly marked to make installation easier. Follow manufacturer’s instructions when installing the new fan.

7. Changing AC Filters

There is possibly no greater home investment than an HVAC unit. Changing the AC filter will not only save you money on your energy bills but will also keep your HVAC system running smoothly for years to come. Contact your service rep to confirm filter size, where they are located in the system and when to change them.
These seven handy skills are no match for the biggest skill that you need as a homeowner: common sense. When jobs get a little hard to handle, it’s good to know when to call for a professional. For Manhattan Air Conditioner Installation and repair, and your other HVAC needs, give us a call. We’ll let you cover these minor fixes.