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A Cool Cover Story!

Everyone in New York knows how handy an air conditioning unit can be in the sweltering summer months, but what happens to your unit when the colder season sweeps in and the humid air turns into a frosty chill?

Should you leave your window unit as it is, or should you cover it up for protection? Let’s find out.

Most AC units are ‘split’ systems and these units are designed to be sturdy enough to withstand fluctuating weather conditions year in year out. As long as you get your AC unit regularly serviced by a professional New York HVAC contractor, then it should last you around ten years before it needs replacing (even in severe weather). However, when an AC unit is left in the elements, there are a number of things that can start to go wrong. If your unit’s coils start to become bent or dirty, then your air conditioning unit may lose its efficiency; resulting in lower levels of cooling and higher energy bills! Dust, dirt and debris (which may get blown into your unit during blustery weather) should be kept as far away from your air conditioner as possible; and that is why it may be a good idea to think about an AC cover for the winter.

An AC cover will protect your unit for a solid 5- 6 months out of the year and will stop just about anything harmful getting into your unit and ruining the coils. During the coldest months, this means you will be likely to avoid snow and ice getting into your AC; which on their own can cause serious damage to the coils.

So what are the cons?
Although it seems the wise choice is to opt for an AC cover during the winter, some air conditioning experts claim that covers used over a long period of time trap moisture which could potentially lead to rusting. Others argue that a cover could provide an attractive spot for animals to nest during the winter months.

Of course; the decision whether or not to use an AC cover is completely subjective – so what is your experience with this? Let us know your thoughts.