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Air Conditioning Maintenance in New York City

Many people don’t realize just how important air conditioning maintenance is – especially in a crowded city like NYC. In fact, the demand is even higher because of the sheer amount of people living, working, and driving in such close quarters. This all increases the amount of dirt and impurities in the air – which are caught by your air conditioner’s filter.

Your air conditioning unit is completely connected. A clogged filter will cause the evaporator coil to become plugged, limiting air flow and decreasing AC efficiency. If the unit is not properly maintained (with filter changes, coil cleaning, lubrication, and calibration), then the buildup of contaminants will have a ricochet effect, slowly but surely breaking down the unit one part at a time.

During the heat wave, our company received hundreds of phone calls from new customers whose units in their homes and businesses had broken down. Upon further investigation, it turned out that 85-90% of those people had never had a maintenance performed on their units – let alone the 2-4 times a year that we recommend. If they had professionals come in and maintain the units, the chances of breakdown would have been dramatically decreased.

Just like you take care of yourself to stay healthy (taking vitamins, wearing a jacket when it’s cold outside, exercising), you need to take care of your air conditioning unit. During intense heat waves, everyone living and working in a big city is going to be pumping their AC. You never want to be the one who turns yours on and realizes it doesn’t work because you didn’t get a simple preventative maintenance. Be safe, not sorry!

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