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Are You Paying More Than You Have To?

Did you know that more than half of residential energy use in New York and Manhattan is down to heating and cooling? Did you know that you are probably spending out on more than you have to? There are simple things that you could do around your home to cut those energy bills and seriously save you cash!
Take a look at our top five money-saving tips!
Money Saving Tip # 1: Blind Attack!
In summertime in New York, it’s a good idea to close your blinds during the day to prevent the sun’s sizzling heat from scorching your indoors. During the winter season, you should only close them at night.
Money Saving Tip # 2: Watch Your Speed!
If you lower the fan setting on your AC unit during the summer, the system will eradicate more humidity. As a result, your level of comfort will go up whilst your energy bills go down!
Money Saving Tip # 3:  Scrub to Save
If you give your heating and cooling equipment a good clean once a season, you could save heaps on your energy bills! Make sure your furnace filters and warm-air registers are kept clean and don’t forget to bleed those radiators!
Money Saving Tip # 4: Fan Friendly?
If your kitchen or bathroom fans are left running for a long period of time, climate-controlled air will be pushed outside. Make sure your fans are only in use when a room is in use.
Money Saving Tip # 5: On Fire!
A fire blaze is capable of sending heated air though the chimney as rapidly as 24,000 cu. ft. per hour. A good way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to secure doors on fireplaces.