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Best Avoid These Blunders!

You’ve made a smart investment in your fantastic new air conditioning system, your once ‘volcanic’ home is now as cool as a refreshing evening breeze and you are pretty sure you have purchased the best AC unit in New York. So how do you ensure you get the most from your favorite new gadget?
We have listed the top five mistakes that homeowners make regarding their air conditioning systems. Just make sure you don’t do the same!
Blunder#1: Bigger is not always better!
Many people think that by purchasing a bugger AC unit, their homes will be cooled more quickly. Think again; this is not the case!
You may be surprised to read this, but an over sized AC system will not be able to lessen humidity and create consistent temperatures! So now you know!
Blunder# 2: Not fanatical about fans!
Not many people realize this, but fans used in kitchen and bathroom areas can actually force conditioned air out of your home. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to only use bathroom and kitchen fans when absolutely essential.
Blunder# 3: Running at overkill
Many people leave their ac systems running even when they are not at home. Generally, this is not a good idea. It is usually cheaper and more energy efficient to use a unit timer or an adjustable thermostat to program your settings to start cooling your home just before you are due to arrive home.
Blunder #4: Hide and Seek (help)
Some people think that when concealing their AC unit, it will still work as efficiently. This is certainly not the case! If your air conditioner is tucked away out of sight, the coil is likely to get clogged, the ventilation may get jeopardized and the whole efficiency of the whole system may be put at risk.
Blunder #5: A shady decision
If your air conditioning system is placed in an area susceptible to heat, its functioning and productivity could be hindered. The best place to put your AC system is in a shady area, inside the house, away from any direct sunlight.