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Can you figure it out?

Living in New York in summertime, your air conditioning unit can make a massive difference to your overall comfort. Of course, getting your AC system regularly and properly maintained is vitally important, but in the meantime, did you know that there are some issues that you can resolve yourself?
Don’t panic; we’re not talking about any heavy DIY; just basic checks that can potentially save you hassle and money. Check out some examples of typical AC problems below and use our advice to see if your issue is one you can fix yourself. Remember, these points are just a guide, and if you are in any doubt at all, you should always contact an air conditioning professional. 
1: The condenser isn’t running…
If the condenser doesn’t run properly, then first of all, check the power. If you cannot seem to get a power supply to your AC unit, check for fuses that may have blown, or circuit breakers.
If you can get a power supply and the condenser doesn’t run, then check th
e thermostat setting. If the setting is high, lower it to five degrees.
If you suspect your motor or compressor to be faulty, get in touch with an air conditioning professional.
2: Your AC system is cooling unevenly…
Uneven cooling can be caused by the distribution system being out of balance. If this is the case, follow the unit’s instructions on balancing the system.
3: Your unit is not providing adequate cooling…
If this is the case, firstly check the thermostat settings. If it is set too high, lower it to 5 degrees. If this does not work, clean the evaporator. If the system still fails to provide adequate cooling, contact an air conditioning company in NYC.
4: The condenser unit repeatedly turns itself on and off…
If this happens, check to see whether the condenser is blocked or dirty. Make sure you thoroughly clean the coils and fins and try removing any obstructions to the condenser such as weeds, vines and grass. Also check the cleanliness of the evaporator and give it a good clean.