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Cleaning your HVAC coils in NYC – Is it important?

Four Reasons why cleaning both your evaporator coil & condenser coil is a MUST!

Since we have been discussing all the different types of phone calls that our the service department at our commercial HVAC company in NYC receives – coil cleanings is on the top of the list. Coils are a key component of any air conditioning system. When your coils are maintained in good condition, then your HVAC  system will run at peak efficiency. However, if your coils are in poor condition and are dirty, they can and will cause many problems.

Here are four HUGE reasons why cleaning both your HVAC evaporator coil and condenser coils in NYC needs to be included in ANY HVAC Service Agreement in NYC.

First – Dirty HVAC condenser Coils will INCREASE operating costs.

When a air conditioning coil becomes filthy it cannot provide the designed heat transfer. When the designed or adequate heat transfer is not provided it then causes higher discharge pressure. The higher the discharge pressure, the more electricity the unit needs. This then results in increased utility costs. In fact, Dirty commercial HVAC coils in NYC can increase energy consumption by 37% over clean coils.

Second – Dirty HVAC condenser coils will REDUCE cooling.

As we mentioned before, when all the grime and dirt gets collected by the coils it restricts the heat transfer which causes the compressor to work much harder. The harder the compressor inside your HVAC unit in NYC works – the more heat is added to the system, and the head pressure can be raised as much as 75% which can result in a loss of up to 30% of the system’s cooling capacity. This loss is most noticeable on the hottest days when cooling is needed the most.

Third – Dirty HVAC condenser coils will SHORTEN the life of the equipment.

The higher temperatures and operating pressures caused by dirty coils can reduce the life of the equipment tremendously. The elevated temperature and pressure can lead to the breakdown of the compressors lubricant. In addition acid formation can occur, leading to a burnout. That will seriously destroy the compressor leading to equipment failure. Compressor failure means no cooling. No cooling means no comfort. And replacing a compressor means a COSTLY REPAIR. Why spend all this money when in reality you could have spent a couple of dollars in preventive maintenance.

Fourth – Dirty HVAC condenser coils will NEGATIVELY affect air quality.

The indoor coil also known as the evaporator coil presents huge concerns that go way beyond all the issues we previously discussed. A dirty evaporator coil creates a breeding ground for mold and bacteria that can impact the indoor air quality. Cleaning the evaporator coil will prevent bacteria growth and is critical to maintaining good air quality.

The simple truth is that most commercial HVAC issues in NYC can be avoided when you take time to have HVAC coils cleaned periodically. We all know that HVAC maintenance in NYC is an important part of keeping your doors open – all year long. So take the time to contact a commercial HVAC company in NYC that offers commercial HVAC service contracts today. It will save you tons of money in the short and long term.

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