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Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Tips for Manhattan Businesses

It’s quite common for businesses in Manhattan and other NYC boroughs to scramble to find that perfect commercial air conditioning repair company in Manhattan in early September. And whether it’s due to a loose fitting hose, or your AC unit simply needs a little more ‘cool juice’ – the fact remains that the time you’ll spend researching, calling and actually finding somebody to fix your commercial cooling system in NYC can easily add up to a few hours. Fortunately there are a few very simple solutions to this common problem that will save you time, money and tons of stress.

Here are two commercial air conditioning repair tips that if you follow will save you from the inevitable stress that comes with unexpected commercial air conditioning repairs in Manhattan.

Tip #1 – Contact a Commercial AC Company in Manhattan about Maintenance Contracts

In a perfect world, air conditioners would always work – never break down and be set at the perfect temperature for every individual in your building. But – we all know life isn’t perfect; especially in the real world. However, routine maintenance performed frequently on your commercial air conditioning system in NYC is a quick way to solve the majority of AC system failures.

When you set up an air conditioning service contract in Manhattan, it provides you with tons of benefits including:

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Plus – when you have maintenance agreements with a dependable commercial air conditioning company in Manhattan, your commercial business becomes a Preferred Customer of that awesome company – which entitles you to priority service, extended warranties, discounts and most importantly – peace of mind, reduced stress and money savings.

Tip #2 – Consider a Commercial AC Service Contract in Manhattan

Keeping your cooling unit well maintained is a great way to reduce problems – however, anybody that tries to sell you that and say’s that it’ll prevent mechanical failure 100% of the time is full of (insert your favorite byproduct). The reality is that just like any other mechanical device, a commercial air conditioning system in NYC is prone to eventually break down. When this occurs, having a commercial HVAC service agreement in NYC is a great way to be protected.

The first question we often get is “what is the difference between a maintenance agreement and a service agreement?” The answer is simple. An air conditioning service contract has periodic routine maintenance plus it covers all service calls for FREE while an air conditioning maintenance contract only includes periodic maintenance visits. There are several benefits to having a HVAC service contract in Manhattan including:

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The simple truth is that when your AC system breaks down – and it WILL eventually breakdown, contact a professional commercial air conditioning company in Manhattan that can offer you an affordable service and maintenance agreement program. You’ll save tons of money in the long run and short term – and have a dependable company on standby that you can contact for all your commercial air conditioning repairs in NYC.