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Are Commercial HVAC Maintenance Programs In NYC Worth It?

Broken-down-carA frequently asked question we receive is whether or not HVAC maintenance programs are worth the cost. In a related story, it is also often asked of mechanics if having the oil changed inside a car every 4,000-6,000 miles is important for a car that operates in temperatures below freezing half of the year. As silly as it might sound, the two comparisons are not that far off.

The reality is that it’s very important to have both programs completed on a regular interval for several reasons.

Let’s take a look at both examples of routine car maintenance vs. HVAC maintenance programs in NYC to see exactly why both are very much ‘worth it’.

First Example – Tires / Belts / Hoses

Quick question – how do you know it’s time to replace the tires on your car? Even better, what happens if you drive on bald tires in New York during the winter? Most car owners in New York can simply look down at their tire tread and see that they need to be replaced – especially before the snow comes in late fall and early winter. And most New Yorkers that drive will replace their car tires to avoid an accident or a blow-out.

The problem is that when it comes to HVAC units in NYC, it’s nearly impossible to look at a unit and predict when parts need to be changed. It’s for this EXACT reason that you should have regular maintenance programs on your HVAC unit – before they cause an ‘accident’. When mechanical pieces of an HVAC unit fail – the system completely shuts down. If and when this happens, you now will be facing a replacement bill in excess of five digits.

Second Example – Lubricants Keep a System Cool and Protect Metal Moving Parts

ServicemanHere is a question for you – why do you have oil changed in a car? The answer is rather simple – because when oil is heated, it eventually wears out or ‘thins’. Also, when engine oil is introduced to a combustion engine – powered by gasoline or diesel (which is a natural solvent by the way) the result is less lubrication for the moving parts of an engine.

The same analogy applies to the inner workings of an HVAC unit. Mechanical and metal parts all move inside any motor – whether it’s powered by electricity or by combustion. And if those metal parts are not properly lubricated – they will wear prematurely and eventually break. This is why having an annual inspection for your commercial HVAC system in NYC includes checking and replacing lubricants as well.

Third Example – Clogged Filters Lead to Inefficiency

Have you ever gone to a mechanic to wonder why your fuel economy inside a car has dropped from 25 mpg to 18 mpg? Quite often this is due to clogged air filters for the fuel system. When a fuel injection system does not have clean air to combine efficiently with fuel –the result is poor fuel economy. The same thing applies for HVAC units. When the filters are dirty and clogged up, the system will consume more energy in order to run. This is why people have their air filters replaced in both cars and their HVAC systems in NYC frequently.

It’s no surprise that when you look at it in this way, having a commercial maintenance program in NYC is a pretty smart idea – don’t you agree? If so – contact the team at Interstate Air Conditioning and Heating to ask about our commercial HVAC maintenance contracts in NYC. You’ll save tons of money in the long and short term.

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