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Don’t Listen To The Rumors Flying Around…

If you have ever traveled on a transatlantic flight from New York then you may have noticed that you suffer from colds and viruses following the long-haul journey. You may also one of those people who attribute those post-flight aches and pain to the air conditioning on the plane – but research has shown that AC isn’t to blame!
U.S medical experts have claimed that that sickly feeling some people get following a long flight is likely to be caused by lower oxygen levels and drier air inside an aircraft cruising at 35 000 ft! It has also been proven that being in any other enclosed environment for a long period of time is likely to make you feel as sick as being in an air conditioned plane. There is also an increase in infection in any confined space; but an aircraft cabin poses no more of a risk than an office, cinema, or any other close environment you sit in for a substantial period of time. In fact, most cabin air is refreshed about 15 times an hour – more than the average 12 times per hour in most offices. Even more interestingly, the majority of transatlantic planes ensure that the air is sent through filters that have been specifically designed to eradicate 99.97% of bacteria and the minuscule particles that transport air-borne viruses. Most cabins are also divided into ventilation systems that lower the potential of germs spreading throughout the aircraft.
So, the next time you hear someone blaming AC for their post-flight health niggles, you can set the record straight!