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Is Changing a Commercial HVAC Filter Important?


When the air quality is low, people tend to stay indoors. What many of them may not be aware of is that the air quality inside may be much worse than the air quality outside. Commercial HVAC companies in NYC work with cooling and heating system that are designed with filtration capacities which allow them to clean up the air as they cool it off or heat it. These systems have to be properly maintained for them to have the desired results.

There are very good reasons to make sure the filters on your commerical HVAC system in NYC is maintained.


A basic HVAC filter prevents dirt and other debris from getting into the workings of the system itself. When air inside a building doesn’t get circulated out, it collects dust, pollen and other particles. That air keeps getting re-circulated—if proper HVAC isn’t installed—and there’s no fresh air coming in to diminish the amount of contaminants in the air.

The US EPA and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) have put a great deal of time into improving the quality of indoor air and understanding its impacts. They can be significant. They can involve everything from subjective effects, such as the air feeling stuffy, causing headaches and other issues to very serious dangers. Gasses and other materials that have very real effects can become concentrated in the room and cause health issues for workers and customers.


airconditioningserviceinbronxAccording to the American Lung Association, there are several hazards that can result from interior not being kept clean and circulated. They include pollutants that are biological, the results of heating systems, radioactive gas and more.

Biological pollutants are a significant concern for many people, and this category includes more than just viruses and bacteria. Cockroach shells, for instance, can trigger asthma attacks in some people as they decompose. Buildups of pollen and other allergen can trigger reactions in people.

One more subjective way to see the problems with poor indoor air quality is in terms of the discomfort involved. Poorly circulated air generally feels thick, smells tend to get very intense after a while, and humidity levels can be very high, causing mold and mildew to grow.

Whether it’s because of specific health outcomes or because of simple human discomfort, poor quality air can make a commercial space miserable and have significant effects on productivity.

Fixing the Issues

Changing out filters is one of the most common tasks that HVAC techs perform. Unless the system has very specialized hardware, such as HEPA filters, its’ usually a very inexpensive and fast form of maintenance that makes a huge difference for the client. It keeps your commercial HVAC system in NYC itself in good shape and it keeps the interior air quality higher.

Regular maintenance is the best way to make sure that interior air quality remains acceptable. Many commercial buildings only have inspections and maintenance of their HVAC systems done twice per year, and changing out filters is usually part of that.

Whenever air quality does diminish, however, calling and HVAC tech is advisable. In many cases, the problems that lead to the diminished air quality are minor and only require that a filter be swapped out. If not, however, that poor air quality will likely not go away until a repair is performed.

In some commercial applications, the HVAC systems may be very specialized, such as the ones in hospitals. Commercial HVAC contractors in NYC can change or maintain filtration systems on these HVAC units however are required to keep up to code. This keeps commercial spaces comfortable and much safer for everyone who works in or visits that space. Apart from changing filters, changing other parts can help keep these units running at peak efficiency. Learn more about HVAC Maintenance in NYC.