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Filtering Your Options

As a resident of New York or Manhattan, you have probably heard of the importance of filters for your AC system. As you are probably aware, an air filter can perform many vital functions such as improving the lifespan of your air conditioning system, having a positive impact on energy efficiency and improving your overall health and well being   With so much information available to New York and Manhattan homeowners, we look at some of the main benefits of these renowned filters, as well as the options available to you.

Less mold spores: The more efficient the air filter, the better it is at capturing mold spores. Certain conditions such as asthma can be made worse by mold, and some people are actually allergic to mold itself.

Getting rid of dust: AC filters work well to eradicate dust, which is highly beneficial to those with asthma or dust allergies.

Removing germs: Certain AC filters have the ability to remove airborne bacteria that are thought to cause some respiratory infections.