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Have Your HVAC Unit Maintained Before The Summer Season

Summer heat can be ruthless. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare to turn on an air conditioning unit and find that it’s not working because of lack-of maintenance. In June and July, air conditioning companies are overwhelmed with thousands of calls from customers looking for immediate HVAC assistance. You don’t want to be one of these calls, because you’ll most likely get turned away for lack of man-power.

Just like you allot a certain amount of time to getting yourself dressed and ready in the morning, you should give yourself time to have a technician prepare your HVAC unit for the summer season.

If your unit controls both heating and air, we recommend getting it maintained 4 times a year. However, if you’d only like an annual maintenance, then be sure to do it in April or May; that way, you’ll be ahead of the curve and can breathe easy in your cool home or office.