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Hot or Not?

You may have noticed that air conditioning units in New York have been subject to some bad press over the years. From being accused of causing dry skin to respiratory problems, it seems that everyone has an opinion on the apparent negative impact of AC units. Despite these indictments, more and more New York City residents are installing cooling systems in their homes and offices. So it begs the question; if air conditioning systems are so damaging to our health, why is it that their popularity is on the increase? Could it possibly be that they aren’t as risky as the rumors suggest?
Let’s clear the air once and for all!

Contrastingly to what some people may have heard, air conditioning systems actually bring many health benefits. Air conditioning creates a sanitary environment, helping people to deal with allergies, dust and respiratory disorders. It can increase physical and intellectual activity and can help to reduce perspiration and dehydration. As you would expect, the external New York air is heavily polluted, and so installing a modern air conditioning unit can significantly help to exclude external allergens as well as reducing the presence of insects and parasites. In fact, clean indoor air is so advantageous, that in the long-term, it can even help to fight off fatigue, stress and headaches!

Of course, there are pros and cons to everything, and some people may notice minor health fluctuations when exposed to AC systems. However, AC associated health complications are usually the result of poor HVAC maintenance in NYC and/ or abuse. Therefore, if an air conditioning unit is professionally installed, properly used and regularly serviced, then you too will feel in tip-top condition.