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How Often Should I Change My Filter?

You always hear about the importance of changing your filter, but are you wondering just how often this has to be done? Well wonder no more!

1. Do You Always Use Your Unit?

You’re not going to have to change the filter as often for equipment that isn’t operated continuously.  Typically low usage times are in between heating and cooling seasons (Spring and Autumn). If your equipment is always operating, however, you’ll haveto change your filter that much more.

2. If You Use An Efficient Filter

If you use an efficient filter, (such as a MERV 12 pleated filter, HEPA filters or electrostatic filters), it should be changed or cleaned will most likely need to be changed monthly because it collects a lot more dust than inefficient filters.

3. If You Use An Inefficient Filter

If you use an inefficient economy panel filter (carried by most hardware stores),  then it won’t have to be changed very often because it’s of such poor quality. These are obviously not recommended because it does such a terrible job of filtering the dirt out of the air you breathe.

4. What Season Is It?

Filters usually need to be changed more often in the summer months, as opposed to the winter months; the reason being that the ground is frequently covered with snow, preventing dirt and other contaminants from escaping into the air.

5. Where Do You Live?

Your location plays a part in how often you change your filter. If you live in a location that is very dusty (whether it’s because you’re in an urban community, near a construction zone, etc) you will need to change your filter more often than those living in a low-dust region.