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How to Choose the Right HVAC Contractor

When looking for a doctor, you don’t just put names in a hat; and you shouldn’t when looking for an HVAC contractor in New York City, either. If you’re looking to have work done on your home, you must first find a reliable contractor. Don’t start sweating just yet – Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating is on your side. We’ve compiled a list of steps you could follow to find the right contractor for you.
  1. Your family and friends may have recently had some work done on their homes. Ask if they were satisfied with the results and jot down their contractor’s name and number.
  2. You can find reviews for just about any product or service online. Just Google a contractor’s name (or contractors in your zip code) and read all about them by past customers’.
  3. If you really want to be a stickler, you can check out the contractor with your local trade association, building department, consumer fraud unit, consumer protection agency, or the Better Business Bureau.
  4. Make sure the contractor has a guarantee. You’ll want to be sure that the work comes out exactly to your agreed upon specifications, but you’ll also want to be sure that if it does not, there’s a written guarantee that the work will be improved until you’re happy with it.
  5. Look for photos of past jobs done by that contractor. Do the homes look polished, clean, and put together? If the photos are amateur or portray a sloppy job, look elsewhere.
  6. Check out the contractor’s website. Nowadays, 99% of reputable companies have a website. Does it look legitimate and professional? Do you see the aforementioned customer reviews, photos of past projects, and license number? If you do, give him/her a call. If you don’t, move on.

Hopefully this list has eased your mind a bit about finding a contractor. The more research you do, the better your outcome will be!