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How to prevent a water leak?

Ever wonder how to prevent your air conditioner from leaking water?

Water leaking from your air conditioning unit is one of the biggest issues that people have…. today alone with the weather being around 80 degrees we received close to 20 calls that all had to do with water leaking. After reading my posts I am sure most of you know that the main reason that your AC unit leaks is due to lack of maintenance. However that was an old post, so all of you wWet Switch Flood Detectorho have never read that please see
I don’t know about you but I do not want to spend tens of thousands of dollars repairing a ceiling that caved in due to something so simple like a water leak. Of course if you find that the water leak isn’t from your AC then you need to make sure you bring a plumber in to look at it before damage is done. Do this by looking up plumbers in your local area, for example, just search ‘London plumbers.’

But if it is the AC leaking, what can we do to prevent a water leak?

Today I am going to discuss one of our most popular products that we sell. This product is simply amazing. Its called a wet switch.

What is a wet switch? and what does a wet switch do?

A wet switch is a must have for anyone who has a central air conditioning unit. It is a sensor that is connected to the unit that turns the unit off when it senses water. It sits inside the secondary drain pan and when the drain overflows the switch gets wet, lights up red, and turns the unit off. Imagine your unit stopping before it leaks through the ceiling? this product saves customers thousands of dollars in damages.