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HVAC Maintenance Means Better Indoor Air Quality

Having HVAC equipment maintained is a matter of staying within regulations for most business owners. Beyond that, however, they can contribute to better business performance by preventing people from suffering some of the hazards of poorly maintained air-conditioning and heating systems.
HVAC systems, if they are not properly installed and maintained, can cause a lot more than discomfort in terms of the temperature of the room being too low or high. They can also cause people with sensitive respiratory systems and even people with healthy respiratory systems real issues and, if they do, that may lead to lost productivity and an all-around miserable work environment.

Size and Quality

If you’re having new HVAC equipment installed in a business space, it’s imperative that it is of the right size. In an article that details some of the issues with poor indoor air quality and HVAC on Science Daily, an expert recommended that, if he could do one thing, he would make certain that HVAC systems had tight ductwork and that they were sized properly for the building in which they are installed.
Even older systems can be improved by an experienced HVAC contractor by repairing and improving the ductwork. This can improve airflow throughout the building, increase the efficiency of cooling and heating and prevent some common problems.

What Are the Problems?

In the same article, it was noted that HVAC systems, if they are not maintained, can be among the leading contributors to poor quality air in interior environments. This can lead to microbial problems, dust, and other issues that can really cause distress for people who have compromised respiratory systems.
In establishments where the public enters regularly, this may be noticed when customers stop showing up or when those who do start having problems breathing and generally feel uncomfortable in the room. It’s likely to be noticed more in employees, who will be constantly exposed to the problem and who may have issues as a result.
Maintenance can go a long way toward preventing these problems. Having maintenance done on a regular schedule can ensure that the ductwork is kept clean, all of the components in the air-conditioning system are functioning within parameters and the air is flowing as it should to ensure the highest quality indoor environment.
For some establishments, this may actually be something that they need to do to stay in line with health department inspectors and other authorities who could, if the HVAC system is improperly maintained, actually shut the business down.
Avoiding these problems is not particularly difficult, provided that the HVAC system and its maintenance are regarded as priorities for the company in question.

Schedule Ahead

The best way to deal with HVAC system issues is to head them off before they ever manifest. Working with an HVAC contractor, you can schedule regular inspections and maintenance that can go a long way toward preventing problems with your system from becoming long term issues that become expensive to resolve.
At the very least, HVAC systems should be inspected before the heating and cooling seasons begin. For some businesses, inspections may need to be done more frequently to ensure compliance with safety and health regulations. Businesses that have particularly dusty environments or other issues that could contribute to the HVAC system needing more frequent maintenance should be sure to schedule it more frequently.
Preventing some of the most common problems with diminished indoor air quality starts with keeping up with maintenance. For businesses that do schedule maintenance and inspections on a regular basis, costs are typically reduced, employees and customers are happier and HVAC systems keep working for much longer.