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Why HVAC Service in NYC Can Reduce Allergies

You might be surprised to realize exactly how much your commercial HVAC system in NYC does for your interior air quality. In fact, one of the reasons that architecture has changed so much over the last century is because of air conditioning and heating. Your HVAC system provides a very controlled way to introduce clean air into your building, you could even use a uv light for ac unit to get that clean air for your building, but there are many other ways that you can do that. It’s for this and many other reasons that having routine HVAC service in NYC performed may reduce those pesky allergy flair ups.

In the spring and fall pollen levels tend to get rather high. At this time of year, it can be especially difficult for people with allergies to cope with the air quality. If you wanted to use an air purifier, then it might be useful to check out some reviewing sites such as ProductExpert’s Review of Air Purifiers. Additionally, people who have allergies to dust and mold can have trouble if an interior space is not properly controlled as far as air quality goes. This makes an air purifier even more helpful, but your HVAC technician can help make sure that your air quality in your building is high.

Look at the Numbers

air conditioner and ivyWhen you really look at information about indoor air quality, it’s easy to see why people with allergies should make sure that their HVAC system in NYC is properly cleaned and that the filters are changed according to schedule. If you’re interested in perhaps learning more about a variety quality box fan have some great reviews.

Every single day, 72 trillion allergens enter homes. In addition to that, a house – much smaller than most commercial spaces and far less exposed to the outside air, in most cases – collects 40 pounds of dust every year.

It’s virtually impossible to avoid indoor air quality diminishing if it is not properly ventilated. In fact, indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the air you find right outside the door. Cars, smokestacks, and all the other pollutants out there still don’t make the exterior air as polluted as the indoor air.

The pollution in the interior environment is no less dangerous than the pollution outside. Asthma and allergies are oftentimes exacerbated by poor indoor air quality. Even people without these conditions are likely to notice that air in a building that is not properly ventilated will feel stuffy, heavy and, sometimes, downright unpleasant. Humidity collects over time, dust and dirt start floating around in the air and, eventually, even worse things.

Understanding Air Flow

Your commercial HVAC technician in NYC can do more than clean out your system and install new filters. Both of those things will make a tremendous difference in improving the quality of your indoor air, but there are even simpler things that they can show you how to do to really help.

First, ask your HVAC technician about how you might close up or open up registers to improve airflow. In some buildings, airflow does tend to diminish once in a while and your HVAC technician can likely give you information on how you can actually use your system with a bit more skill to get better results out of it. Provided that your HVAC system is properly sized and powered for your space, it should be able to provide excellent airflow, but sometimes that does mean opening a register here or closing one there to make everything work a little bit better.

You should also consider limiting the amount of sources of outside air that make it into the building. While your HVAC system can do an excellent job of controlling airflow, it can only do so much if you’re leaving doors and windows open. In fact, your HVAC system will actually work much better if it is allowed to function without those sources of additional airflow, and your HVAC technician can help you understand how and how you maximize it.

If you’re having trouble with allergies, routine HVAC service in NYC may be a source of relief. Have your commercial HVAC technician in NYC look at it, clean it out and show you how to maximize its efficiency and value to your interior air quality.