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Why It's Important to Have Your HVAC System Professionally Cleaned


A Commercial HVAC Company in NYC Should Clean HVAC Systems

There are several services that a commercial HVAC company in NYC provides customers. But if you call in for HVAC servicing at your business, your contractor may want to clean the system, particularly if it’s been a while since it was last done. This is not a service you should consider optional, and here are some good reasons why that is the case.

What Cleaning Does

hvac-system-cleanedOne of the most significant reasons that your HVAC company in NYC is going to want to clean your system is that 90% of HVAC failures are caused by dirt and debris caught up in the system. Cleaning these systems proactively, as that statistic clearly demonstrates, will take care of the majority of problems that you have with your HVAC system. All manner of expensive problems can be stopped with a simple cleaning.

It doesn’t take much dirt and debris to cause a real problem with your HVAC system. In fact, it takes less than .050 inches of dirt and debris to cause your HVAC system to start operating much less efficiently than it should. Therefore, in addition to preventing future problems, when HVAC technicians in NYC clean out your HVAC system, they are also saving you money in the process. Lowered efficiency with HVAC systems always means that you’re going to have to make the system work harder to get a result that didn’t take as much power consumption before.

Opportunity to Inspect

HVAC technicians will generally look around your system when they service it to make sure there aren’t any problems that are developing and that they can help you with before they actually become expensive issues. To that end, when they do clean out your HVAC system, they inspect all of the cleaned off parts, which is much easier to do when they’re not covered in dirt and debris.

Of course, nobody, HVAC technicians included, wants to work on filthy equipment. When they get the opportunity to clean everything off, they can look for signs of wear and tear on the system, make sure everything is functioning as it should and, of course, when they leave, that system will be functioning better, simply because they did take the time to clean it out.

What Can Happen?

If you don’t have your HVAC system cleaned out regularly, it will inevitably get very dirty. All the filters in the system are likely to take the brunt of it at first, until they are so packed with dirt and debris that they cannot even function. This makes your system work harder and can even cause problems such as frozen evaporator coils, which you will likely need to call a technician again to take care of.

You can do a little bit of inspection yourself to see if there are signs that your HVAC system does need a good cleaning. Look at your registers and see if they look dirty. This is a good sign that it’s probably dirtier inside the system.

Also, be aware of any sudden loss of power in the system. If it feels like it’s not cooling, there may be a problem other than dirt and debris, but the dirt and debris very well could have caused a problem in the first place.

Most commercial HVAC Companies in NYC are more than happy to work on a contract where they come in and regularly service systems. One of the things they will generally do is cleanout the system, partially so they can get a good look at it and partially because it ensures you don’t end up spending money on repairs that you could avoid. Ask them about cleaning services, particularly if your business has very strict sanitary requirements.