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Is Air Conditioning Safe Around Babies?

While many parents may deliberate the safety of using an air conditioning system around a newborn baby, the majority of doctors actually advise that it is safer to use AC with a newborn than to let the baby stay in a heated environment.
Newborn and young babies are unable to control their body temperature as well as children and adults, which make them more vulnerable to heat-related health conditions. Similarly, a New York home that is too cold can be equally as dangerous to your baby.
In order to ensure that your baby is kept safe around your AC unit in New York, ensure that you follow the advice below:
Keep your baby away from the direct cold air from your AC unit or cooler.
It’s a good idea to dress your baby in light clothing that covers his/her arms and legs, as this will protect him/her from any blasts of cold air. You can also try a hat or booties for extra protection. Remember that ideally, your baby should wear one more layer than you and any blankets you use should be tucked below your baby’s elbows to avoid the risk of suffocation.

Make sure you get your AC unit or cooler regularly serviced.

If you are planning on using your air conditioning system or cooler around a young baby then you should check its safety beforehand with a professional NYC contractor.
Keep their skin moist.
Air conditioning may contribute to dry skin on your baby, so make sure that you moisturize your baby after exposure to AC. Some mums advise keeping a bowl of water in the air conditioned room; claiming that it helps to reduce dry skin as well as keeping the room’s air moist.
Be careful about sudden changes in temperature.
Before taking your baby out into a warm environment, it’s a good idea to switch off the AC first as a sudden change in temperature may cause your baby to get sick.
Remember that this is just advice; and any concerns you have about your baby’s health and air conditioning should always be discussed with your health care provider and your professional HVAC contractor.