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Is It Important To Change A Filter?

Changing the filter in your air conditioning unit every 1-3 months is one of the most important things you could do to keep it running at maximum efficiency.

Here Are Three Reasons Why Changing Your Filter Is A MUST:

1.  You and Your Family Breathe Cleaner Air

We all love saving money, and it’s great to avoid unnecessary repair costs but, above all else, we value our family’s health, right? That’s why changing or cleaning your filter is more than a suggestion – it’s a must.

Imagine your purifying water by using a strainer of some sort. All the dirt and sediments would be too large to pass through the strainer’s tiny holes, and you’d be left with just the water. However, if you never clean or change that strainer, the rocks and other impurities are going to clog up all the holes, blocking the water to drip down.

Your air conditioner’s filter follows the same concept. It catches the dirt, dust, and impurities in the air. Once it’s clogged and dirty, however, it can no longer filter out all that filth, which could worsen asthma and allergies.

 2.  You Help The Environment & Save Money

Once your filter becomes clogged with contaminants, operating efficiency starts to decline, in turn, causing operating costs to increase.  Think of it this way: If the filter isn’t working, then it’s creating a chain reaction and affecting the rest of the air conditioning unit’s components. The evaporator coil becomes plugged with dust, restricting air flow and reducing AC efficiency. They have to work extra hard to “pick up the slack,” using more energy and costing you more money on your energy bill.

 3.  You Avoid Unnecessary Costs

When you get a cold, do you run around outside with wet hair without a coat? Hopefully you answered: “No.” Chances are, you slow down a little. Give your body some time to recuperate. Take some vitamins, maybe even see a doctor. Anything to avoid getting really sick.

Changing or cleaning your filter is exactly the same as taking vitamins to avoid getting sick. If you let it go, as we mentioned earlier, your equipment will run slower, less efficiently, and use up more energy. Then you get to the next step – a breakdown.  When your unit breaks down because of improper maintenance (and trust us, it will eventually), you could end up spending hundreds – even thousands – of dollars in unnecessary repair costs that could have been avoiding with a simply filter change.