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Keeping Those Tails Wagging This Summer!

Luckily for most New York residents, the excruciating sizzle of the summer is kept at bay by the marvel that is air conditioning. If you have an air conditioning unit installed in your New York home, you don’t need to suffer in the stifling heat, but what about your pets? When you’re out and about, is it necessary to keep the AC running for your cuddly companion?
While most of you will be tempted to keep the house cool for your beloved pet, a big argument is that animals were happily and healthily roaming the earth in soaring temperatures long before modern commodities such as air conditioning (or even houses for that matter) were invented! Interestingly, according to the experts, it isn’t actually the heat that affects animals – it’s the humidity. When humidity is mixed with heat, panting (an animal’s natural cooling mechanism) is decreased. Because of this, some experts advise to keep a fan on for your pet or setting your AC unit between 70 – 80 degrees. People with obese, elderly or ill pets should be extra cautious about leaving their animals in hot environments, and those who own dogs rather than cats should make more of an effort to keep their homes cool during warmer periods.

Of course; it all comes down to the requirements of the individual animal, and while there doesn’t seem to be a right or wrong thing to do, the main thing is that your furry friend is happy and healthy this summer!