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Look out for this!

As a New York resident relying on your heating and cooling system for your safety and comfort, you put all your trust into the professionals that you hire. But are you completely sure your HVAC contractor in nyc knows his stuff? Check out three mistakes that you do not want your HVAC contractor to make.
1. Not being aware of combustion safety
Usually, when a HVAC contractor deals with a call related to carbon monoxide, they will instantly look at the furnace for cracks in the heat exchanger. If they find that to be okay, some contractors will assume it has been a false alarm and simply replace the batteries in the alarm.  The issue with this is that some HVAC contractors have little understanding of the back-drafting of combustion appliances; and they do not test for it. Make sure your HVAC contractor is fully up to date with all the testing procedures before you settle for a ‘false alarm’.
2. Not paying attention to the opportunities in home performance
In New York, HVAC contractors enter residential buildings every day.  In order to view the insulation and air sealing in the enclosure, these contractors crawl through tight spaces, attics and basements; yet many of them don’t really address the problems that affect comfort. Even if a HVAC contractor is unable to help with the problems that need solving, a quality workman should still advise on what work could be carried out to help the home’s overall performance.

3: Ignoring the V in HVAC!

A good HVAC contractor will know that new homes are tighter than ever, and a good HVAC contractor will know that tight homes require mechanical ventilation. Before you choose a HVAC company in NYC, make sure they know the meaning of ASHRAE 62.2; ask them if they understand the three strategies for providing mechanical ventilation. They will be impressed by (or frightened of) your ‘knowledge’!