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Making the Right Choice

When you have an air conditioning system installed or an AC repaired in New York, you are placing your trust, safety and comfort in someone else’s hands. That is why it is so important to make sure your AC contractors are highly skilled and qualified for the job.
As industry experts, we have listed 5 things to look out for with your AC company.
1: A good AC company will… listen.
A quality air conditioning contractor in New York will listen to your problems and show a genuine interest in your well being and comfort. They will also evaluate your rooms; whilst attempting to discover any extreme heat fluctuations that occur during the winter or summer seasons.
2: A good AC company will…discover hidden problems.
Problems with indoor air pollution in New York can be caused by high humidity, deficient air turnover or bioorganic vapors or resins. A good quality heating and cooling contractor should be able to recognize these issues and advice on the right AC system and accessories
to eradicate the problems.
3: A good AC company will…teach you how to look after your system.
When installing your AC system, a decent contractor should show you how to change the filter and how to work the thermostat. They should also inform you on things to look out for that could indicate an issue with the equipment, as well as advising you on when your system is due to be serviced.
4: A good AC company will…think on a long-term basis.
In order to ensure that you get the most out of your AC system, a quality contractor will honor the warranty of the system and work within the terms of that warranty.
5: A good AC company will…be verified!
A quality AC contractor in NYC will always comply with local regulations and will carry an appropriate worker’s compensation insurance.