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Nest Learning Thermostat

Interstate Air Conditioning & Heating is constantly researching the newest technologies to share with our customers – especially when they help to save energy and money. This awesome new product is not only practical, but it’s smart.
Tony Fadell, the leader of the team that created the iPod and iPhone, has done it again. He and his Nest team have invented a thermostat that actually has the capability of learning from you.
Most people are able to install the Nest thermostat in under thirty minutes. Your next step is answering a few basic questions. Then, within a week, it automatically programs itself and creates an individualized schedule according to the temperature changes you’ve made. As you change the temperature to meet your cooling needs, it learns from you and adjusts so that you no longer have to set it.
For example, let’s say you like it to be 72 degrees when you wake up in the morning, and then 68 degrees while you get ready for work and eat breakfast. Then, when you’re gone for the day you’d like it to turn off until you leave work, so you can turn to a cool home. Set those temperatures at those times for the first week, and you’ll have an automated schedule for the rest of the summer. That’s convenience and savings!httpv://
When you get to a temperature that’s energy efficient, the Nest Leaf appears on your screen. Nest even shows you how long it takes to reach an ideal temperature, so that you don’t have to overly raise or lower the thermostat, increasing energy costs. If you change the temperature even one degree you can save up to 5% of your energy usage!
Now let’s say Nest knows that you like your AC to turn off at 10PM – Airwave will automatically turn it off a few minutes before, but will continue to run the fan. This trick keeps the air cool and saves you up to 30% in energy costs!
Nest can sense an empty house after approximately two hours and will automatically adjust the temperature to avoid wasting energy. You can even access your thermostat online and through the Nest Mobile app. This will allow you to change the temperature in your home from anywhere in the world. It even lets you check your energy usage in the Energy History tab. This helps you to see just how much energy you’re using and when – which will show you how much money you’re saving, and how much you could be saving!
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