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Why it Pays to Schedule Commercial Heating Service in Manhattan

Commercial heating maintenance in Manhattan can seriously impact your bottom line profits. It’s estimated that nearly 60% of all heating system failures in NYC are due to lack of routine service check-ups. However, it is stunning that many business owners in Manhattan take proactive measures to protect their company’s equipment – with the exception of their HVAC systems.

Whether this is due to lack of knowledge about HVAC systems or the fact that most of them run strong for years until finally breaking down, the fact remains that routine service on heating units widely goes under the ‘we’ll get to it eventually’ file.

Many of the most profitable commercial businesses in Manhattan all have one thing in common – they know the value of preventive maintenance on everything that impacts their daily operation. This includes their commercial heating systems. And as the weather begins to transform from hot and muggy to crisp and cool, having the confidence to flip the switch on your heating unit and have it work all the way through winter is something that pays off in the end. To prevent the loss of heat energy throughout the winter months we have been introducing a Powerblanket product to our clients as a way to be more efficient during these costly months of the year.

Here are a few other practical reasons why scheduling routine service on your heating unit in Manhattan is a smart way to protect your bottom line profits.

First – Commercial Heating Service in Manhattan Helps to Improve Indoor Air Quality

According to the COPD Foundation, nearly 12 million people currently living and working in the United States live with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). However, it’s also estimated that just as many people have signs of COPD – but haven’t been diagnosed. For those that don’t know what COPD is, it’s an umbrella term for Chronic breathing conditions, like emphysema, bronchitis and other really nasty breathing conditions. You might be wondering “how does this impact my business in Manhattan?” Well – according to the CDC (that’s the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta) one of the leading causes of COPD Flair ups is poor indoor air quality in the workplace.

If you’re employees suffer from any type of breathing condition, like Asthma for example, poor indoor air quality can seriously impact their ability to perform their job duties efficiently. And with insurance rates continuing to climb, along with the cost of medical care, simply taking the time to have a commercial heating service company in Manhattan keep your HVAC unit running clean and strong can vastly improve your indoor air quality; thus reducing the chance of your people getting sick.

Second – Commercial Heating Service in Manhattan can save money MONTHLY on Utility Bills

A major component that goes unchecked inside commercial buildings are filters that are designed to keep debris and harmful bacteria from entering your heating or cooling system. When these filters remain unchecked or not replaced frequently, they not only pollute the air you breathe; they also cause your HVAC system to suck up more energy. This is why the US Department of Energy suggests that routine maintenance on your HVAC system can save business owners as much as 60% off their monthly energy bills.

Do the math – the less money you pay in energy bills every month vs. the small investment for setting up a commercial heating service contract in Manhattan will add up as a positive for business owners EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Take the proactive step and set up a commercial heating maintenance program in Manhattan with a dependable commercial heating service company. Not only will you be investing in your employees health and well-being, but you’ll also save a tremendous amount of money along the way.